Who I Am: The Alice Trading company is really Milo de Prieto. The idea behind the name is to playfully refer to Lewis Caroll’s stories as well as the trading companies of old who returned from lands unknown with exotic goods to share. I bring a wonderland of ideas and perspectives to share.

What I Do: I am multiple roles in one and adjust for each client and project, from strategy to completion, in front of and behind the camera, directing, editing, even talent, and publication and distribution of content for promotion, marketing, branding, infotainment, and entertainment.

But There’s More: When you want to go to the next level, The Alice Trading Company is a team of experts from a wonderland of ideas and perspectives, specializing in production for marketing, advertising, messaging, and entertainment.  Our niche is emerging companies who do not have the budget to hire a large agency nor a full-time team. We are nimble and effective to help our clients get to the next level of their growth and excellence.

What I’ve Done: With years of experience in producing content in lifestyle, travel, and education, we produce high quality and high quantity content for various big name brands to the small guys.

We have created and produced content in the form of short videos for such clients as Conde Nast, the New York Times Company, About.com, The British Council, hotels, restaurants, wine labels, and many others. Drawing on our expertise and experience in pedagogy, communication, travel, and social media, we cover education, travel, and lifestyle with a fresh vision and flair. In addition, we produce instructional series and reports on all sorts of topics across the globe. Coming from a wonderland of experience, we tell stories that compel, entertain, and instruct.


Milo, The Ambassador of Wonderland is the creative director and producer at The Alice Trading Company.

Ramon Rodriguez Sanchez

Ramon Rodriguez Sanchez, the Lord High Chancellor of Stuff for the Alice Trading Company, is the Managing Director of all things Wonderful.

Nick Fenn

Nick Fenn, the White Rabbit is an expert in guiding clients through the Wonderful world of communication, branding strategy, and messaging.

Martin Petts

Martin Petts, Knight of Hearts is a whizz at web programming, identity, and the ruler of domains. See more at Netizn.co