I have worked with various startups and applications at different stages and capacities in helping them define and hone their brand and messaging. I also work with accelerators doing branding workshops and mentoring.

This work has included:

  • creating a brand bible
  • working with a graphic designer to form the logo and typeface for the brand
  • creating branding and product videos
  • creating and deploying SM strategies
  • writing copy for websites, press releases, and campaigns
  • leading branding workshops to develop team cohesion
  • writing the brand story with the team
  • working with the marketing director to develop brand messaging and campaigns
  • working with metrics, focus groups, and other measurements to adjust branding
  • Helping each team member internalize and be able to tell the brand story (creating an on-brand culture)

Each project is a learning opportunity as well as requires new ways of deploying the strengths and skills I am continuing to hone.

Branding for Startups

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