Using Cognitive Science to Improve your Organization and Message

Connectivity Systems

We the connectivity ecosystem within an organization, to maximize performance, productivity and organizational community, in effect honing and defining the soul of your company or team.

Connectivity Strategies

After developing the soul/ecosystem of the organization we produce your brand identity:  brand manual, logo, etc… the visual and vocal textures and patterns of the brand.

Connectivity Opportunities

We create and deploy interactive narrative campaigns to get your word out, build your client base, and create brand awareness and loyalty.

Our Latest Project Using All Our Expertise and Experience

·refreshing messaging ·creating new branding approach in an old market ·deploying innovative marketing ·comprehensive strategy across platforms for each key player ·playful and captivating storytelling ·using humor as an emotional hook ·dirupting and innovating a traditional market space

The Naked Sommelier

·creating a brand bible, logo & typeface, & story
·creating branding & product videos
·creating & deploying SM strategies
·writing copy for websites, press releases, & campaigns
·leading branding workshops
·monitoring & adjusting message based on research
·inspiring an on-brand team culture

We have written the copy for many websites of various sizes and purposes. To develop the most effective copy it is necessary to work with the website design team on the layout with an eye to the UX/UI. Creating a synergy between the messaging and the progression of the user experience gets the most successful desired results. We can monitor and adjust the copy with metrics and feedback over a period of time, maximizing the effect.

·creating complete brand identity & story
·creating & launching innovative marketing and sales strategies

The Naked Sommelier

We have produced (writing, directing, and editing) content, videos and podcasts that have successfully branded our clients as experts in their field and driven traffic to their brand and marketplace. We also help clients with distribution and SMO.

Rachel Pogson of Seagate Technologies for ChapmanCG
Mr. W for Jamie Keddie
How to Spot a Toxic Boss for Marat

We specialize in fashion, gastronomy, luxury, and travel. But that is not say that we haven’t done other products, applications, small and large businesses and even charities.

We have written, directed, edited and produced content for various publications including the New York Times,, Condé Nast, The Independent and many others.

Ibiza Off Season for Condé Nast Traveler China

Port Tasting for NYT (rebranded for portfolio use)

We excel at interviewing others so as to help them tell their stories. Check out these examples:

The Very Present Future (our personal project)

Antoine and Florent

We have produced our own short movies for mere enjoyment and to hone our production, writing, and story telling skills. Some of these endeavors have won awards in film festivals. We are always up to something ask us what we are working on now.


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