Whether we are creating: the mental journey of your customer through your brand, the organizational structure of your team, or the management practices of your organization, we use a set of proven techniques, best practices, and research from a rich multitude of sources and perspectives.

Returning from Wonderland
with Ideas to Share

The Alice Trading Company evokes the notion of explorers of old who adventured to the far east, returning with spices and new wonders to share. Likewise we return from Wonderland with ideas and new processes for building richer and better businesses and lives.

We build excellence in your project, organization, and branding from the perspective of what is happening in the brains of each of the participants. We create the mind journey for everyone you are speaking to from inside to out.

Why "Serious Purveyors of Whimsy" 

Exploration and play is inviting to your customers. Whether you are practicing medicine or designing the latest fashion, play allows your clientele to connect with you in unique and powerful as well as memorable ways.
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For you and your team: The journey to your excellence is sometimes simple but not easy. Growth happens best in an environment of exploration and play. 


Everything we do is built on research in the field of cognitive science. This includes Pedagogy, Psychology, Behavioral Science, Linguistics, and other studies of how the brain processes and creates reality.

The Question, The Goal

The main question of cognitive science is how do we live our best lives? How do we use our brain and the way we think to change our thinking processes, behavior, and reality for the best? 


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