How-To Weight Training

We have done literally hundreds of infotainment and how-to videos from language learning to fitness for all sorts of clients. This series was produced for the New York Times Company…

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Short Movies

In addition to all our work in advertising, marketing, messaging and infotainment, we enjoy doing the pure entertainment projects. Recently we completed a short movie called The Traveler with the…

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The Traveler
The Traveler Poster

The Traveler

The Traveler is a short movie written and staring Martín Brassesco with Molly Malcolm. We meet the Traveler in a nondescript hotel room, somewhere in Europe. He is in the…

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For various publications I'm invited to do interviews with politicians, artists, and thinkers from around the world. In addition I do my own interviews with interesting people I meet as…

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ChapmanCG Global HR Interview

ChapmanCG is a recruiting/headhunting agency specializing solely in the upper echelons of HR around the world. I produced a series of podcasts that were interviews with top HR Leaders about…

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