Since David and Laura are consolidating two households, they are not asking for gifts. Your presence at the wedding is a gift in itself.

If you would still like to make a monetary gift,
you can contribute to the Bridal Shower Money Tree

(If you are not able to attend the Bridal Shower, you can contact Dr. María Luisa Gonzalez through her email you will be sent for other ways of contributing).


January Weather 
There COULD be snow, if so, probably not a lot. Winters in New Mexico generally can be cold, but mild. Winter mornings are quite cold, often requiring a heavy overcoat, hat, and warm shoes or boots. However, the afternoons can turn warm, so layers are best.

Avoid flying through Chicago. While this piece of wisdom is a good general rule, in the winter Chicago can have lots of weather issues. You will fly into Sunport, the Albuquerque airport.

Transportation from Sunport Airport
Unfortunately, there is no shuttle. It is recommended to use Uber, Lyft, or zTrip, a local company that is a hybrid between a taxi and a ride-share service.

zTrip :
Call 505-247-8888, book through the zTrip app, or hail a driver from the side of the street. Pricing is comparable to Uber or Lyft with no surge pricing. Allows immediate or future bookings. Customers can pay with cash, or a credit card through the zTrip app. Ztrip rates include gratuity, except for airport transfers. The standard gratuity for airport transfers is 15%-20% 

Rental cars: 
A number of attractions are located within walking distance of the wedding hotel. You may not want to rent a car.

Should you choose to rent a car, Sunport provides a shuttle from baggage claim to the consolidated facility for all rental customers. There are some self-service kiosks at this location. 

If guests wish to rent a car from the hotel, Hertz can drop off a car and the keys at Hotel Albuquerque. Inquire with the Hertz Albuquerque or the Hotel Albuquerque concierge. 

Wedding Venue: 
Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town 800 Rio Grande Boulevard, N.W. Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104

Reservations: 1.866.505.7829

Local phone number 1.505.843.6300

The wedding ceremony and the reception following the ceremony will be held at the Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. Unfortunately, they are not offering room discounts to wedding guests. There are other, more economical places to stay.  If guests have questions about a particular hotel location, they can always call. The other reason for Hotel Albuquerque is that there are a number of fun things to do within walking distance of the hotel. That will remove the necessity of renting a car. 

Some Other Hotel Venues:

Hotel Chaco: A lovely Native American-themed hotel located just steps behind the Hotel Albuquerque.  It has a rooftop restaurant bar.

San Mateo Inn: The last we checked, was an economical choice. It is NOT walking distance from the hotel but is relatively close to three of the four large shopping Malls in Albuquerque. 

Crime in Albuquerque: As in any large city, be aware of your surroundings and your belongings. Always lock your car, and do not leave anything of value visible from the windows, including a few coins.  Do not warm up your car and walk away, even if you lock it.

Attractions within Walking Distance of Hotel Albuquerque

Hotel Albuquerque
Features a restaurant and the QBAR Lounge, a stylish lounge offering an extensive wine list and craft cocktails. Located next door is the Native American-themed, Hotel Chaco.  Hotel Chaco offers a rooftop restaurant bar as well as Crafted Café on the ground floor. 

Tablao Flamenco Albuquerque
Located inside Hotel Albuquerque features a four-course prix fixe dinner show with a flamenco dance performance on Fridays and Saturdays (remember Saturday night is the wedding reception). Matinee performances are on Sunday afternoons. Contact Hotel Albuquerque for tickets and more information.

Trolley tours of Albuquerque 
Contact the concierge desk at Hotel Albuquerque to obtain information and tickets to the Trolley tours. 

The Sawmill Market
Located across a quiet street to the north of Hotel Albuquerque

A recently renovated sawmill is a complex of restaurants, breweries, and entertainment venues. It was designed by the same architect who designed the Oxbow market in Napa.

Old Town
Albuquerque’s historic plaza with a historic church, lots of shops and restaurants. It is about two blocks from Hotel Albuquerque. 

Also, within walking distance of Old Town and Hotel Albuquerque is the Albuquerque (history) Museum, the Bio Park (fun for kids) and a Natural History Museum, also fun for kids. Click on the link below under “General websites of attractions in Albuquerque” below in this email for good links to these venues. 

Walk along the Rio Grande
There is the Paseo del Bosque (Path in the Woods) along the Rio Grande generally near the Hotel Albuquerque.

Blake’s Lota Burger
A fast-food option across Rio Grande Boulevard from Hotel Albuquerque.  They have good hamburgers (try a green chile hamburger!) They also have good breakfast burritos.  This is a faster, more economical alternative to breakfast at the Hotel Albuquerque or other nearby restaurants.

D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro- A local restaurant.

Other Albuquerque attractions: (NOT walking distance from Hotel Albuquerque)

Downtown Albuquerque
Really fun with cool shops, the art deco Kimo Theatre to see or attend a performance.  The Hotel Andaluz would be a cool place to have a drink or a meal. Downtown has a nice multiplex movie theater. But crime can be bad downtown, especially on weekend nights.  I would steer clear and ALWAYS lock your car, do not have ANYTHING of value visible from the windows, including a few bits of change. I am not kidding. 

Nob Hill
A fun area to the east of the University of New Mexico. Has cool shops and restaurants. The Flying Star Restaurant is a casual place with great coffee, entrées,  pastries, desserts, free wifi. There are Flying Star Locations across Albuquerque.

The Ski slope at Sandia Peak (on the edge of Albuquerque) will be closed this year. I believe that Ski Santa Fe (outside of Santa Fe)  and Ski Taos (at least two hours away from Albuquerque) will be open. 

Ancient Native American petroglyphs on the western edge of Albuquerque. 

The Tramway
To the top of the Sandia Mountains offers a great view and a restaurant at the summit.

There are many hiking options in the area. 

There is the Paseo del Bosque (Path in the Woods) along the Rio Grande generally near the Hotel Albuquerque. 

The National Hispanic Cultural Center hosts an excellent art museum of works by Hispanic artists from across the United States. It is also the venue for concerts, cultural events, educational workshops, etc. 

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center  

The International Balloon Fiesta
Happens in the Fall, but you may be lucky enough to see some balloons in the air above Albuquerque. There is a Balloon Fiesta Museum.

Some restaurants in Albuquerque

Flying Star
Great food and coffee. They specialize in pastries and desserts. Locations all across town. Free WIFI, a great hangout place.

The Frontier
An economical diner on Central Ave. across from the University of New Mexico.  Good Mexican food. Try their BIG cinnamon roll that comes swimming in butter! Great for people watching. You will find students, street people, or people in the evening at night after attending a concert across the street. An economical option.

Garcia´s Mexican Food
Any Garcías Restaurant has good authentic New Mexican food.  They are located all across town. The original one, with the most kitschy atmosphere, is on Central Avenue, near Old Town.

Il Vicino
Italian food and pizza.  A nice romantic place, moderately priced. Various locations in Albuquerque

Taj Mahal of India
Good Indian food, nice atmosphere, moderately priced

Italian, two locations in town.  It is EXCELLENT gourmet Italian food, with excellent meat dishes. The owner-chefs are from New York.  It is a more expensive option.

Blake’s Lota Burger: a fast-food option across the street from the Hotel Albuquerque.  They have good hamburgers (try a green chile hamburger!) They also have good breakfast burritos!  This is a more economical alternative to breakfast in the Hotel Albuquerque.

Malls in Albuquerque

There are three big malls on the east side of Albuquerque:

The Coronado Mall

The Winrock Mall

ABQ Uptown is one of those more modern outdoor-malls, It has upscale stores, including an Apple Store, Anthropologie, Chico´s , J Jill, several restaurants.  A big Target is on one side of it, as well as a Starbucks.

The ABQ Uptown, as well as the Coronado Mall and the Winrock Mall are all quite close to each other (especially by car).

General websites of attractions in Albuquerque


Visit Albuquerque
This website is good. Just be careful regarding attractions listed as “outside Albuquerque” I saw one listed here that is in Southern NM SEVERAL hours away!

Tourist Attractions Outside of Albuquerque

Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico
(the Sky City) is a wonder of the world. It MAY still be closed due to Covid.  Check before driving out there.   It is about ½ hour west of Albuquerque, a bit off of Interstate 40. This is a MUST-see if it is open. Acoma is one of a number of ancient Native American Pueblos in New Mexico. Acoma is a community that is hundreds of feet in the air above a huge mesa.  It is very historic intertwining the ancient people of Acoma and the EARLIEST Spanish explorers and conquistadors.  DO NOT judge by any photos you will see. An ordinary camera cannot capture what it is like to be up hundreds of feet in the New Mexican air, with clouds about you an amazing view.  It is a combination of natural beauty and fascinating history.  From I-40 going west, you take the “Sky City” exit by “Sky City” casino and follow the signs to Acoma pueblo.  At a certain point, a gorgeous, dramatic valley will open up before you, and you will see two large Mesas reaching from the desert valley up into the air. The road will take you to the Acoma Visitor’s Center. You will pay your fee for the guided tour (the ONLY way you will be allowed to visit the pueblo).  There is a small museum and a video about the area and its history. The restaurant features Acoma foods, I highly recommend it as part of the experience.  You will be taken up in a van to the pueblo for a guided tour.  Acoma residents will come out of their homes to sell you pottery, jewelry, etc and you are allowed to walk (WITH the guide) around and they will give you the historical explanation.  On the way back, you can be driven in the van, or you can choose to walk down the side of the Mesa back to the Visitor’s Center.  Acoma is a sovereign nation with its own rules of behavior, so please be courteous.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
(one hour away by car)
Santa Fe is significantly higher in altitude and colder than Albuquerque.

Public Transportation to Santa Fe

The Rail Runner Commuter Train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe is popular. Once arrived in Santa Fe, tourists can Uber or Lyft from the Santa Fe Rail Runner Station to the Santa Fe Plaza or other areas of town and back. 

The Santa Fe Plaza
Lots of shops and restaurants and museums, bars, galleries within and near the Plaza:

Native families sell jewelry and other crafts under the eaves of the Palace of the Governor

Palace of the Governors Museum

La Fonda Hotel is fun to walk into, have lunch or a drink, people watch,  or stay.

The Cathedral of Santa Fe is historic.

The Loretto Chapel (site of the famous miraculous staircase)

Georgia O Keefe Museum

NOT walking distance from the Santa Fe Plaza

Canyon Road
A road in Santa Fe of old adobe homes that now house a number of galleries and restaurants. Either walk or drive up Canyon Road.

Good website re museums in Santa Fe
A number of these museums are on “Museum Hill” in Santa Fe.

Meow Wolf
A cool art experience, NOT a museum, nor a gallery, on the western side of Albuquerque. An immersive art experience funded in part, by George RR Martin, author of Game of Thrones.  It is hard to describe. Children and young people will LOVE this! Do not take elderly people who do not see well or are not sure-footed or physically handicapped. You have to bend and climb sometimes in semi-dark areas to fully explore Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf is expanding to other cities in the U.S. But it started in Santa Fe. 

The Santa Fe Opera
A world-class venue for opera will be closed for winter.  However, the open-air architecture of the building and surrounding complex is cool to see from the outside. It is located on the outskirts of Santa Fe.

Jackalope (on Cerrillos Road)
Is a more affordable alternative to the tourist shops on the Santa Fe Plaza. Shopping for Southwestern/Mexican gifts, planters, costume jewelry, and decorations.  It is a small complex of different types of items for sale.

Taos, New Mexico
2 hours and 20 minutes away from Albuquerque.  Part of it is on a narrow two-lane highway.  It is a smaller version of Santa Fe but even higher in the mountains.  Ski Taos is there.  They have a historic plaza also, galleries. The Millicent Rogers Museum is another attraction.

Taos Pueblo
Next to Taos the town.  is another sovereign Native American Pueblo. It is very historic. It is on the outskirts of Taos the town.  In winter, the roads can be treacherous with ice and a LOT of snow.

Chimayó, New Mexico 
A historic Spanish-founded village.  It is an hour and a half from Albuquerque.  The Church or Santuario de Chimayó boasts a holy dirt that is purported to miraculously cure people´s ailments.  It is a source of pilgrimage. There are shops, restaurants, and a small museum in town.