The Traveler

The Traveler is a short movie written and staring Martín Brassesco with Molly Malcolm.

We meet the Traveler in a nondescript hotel room, somewhere in Europe. He is in the final stages of descending into a personal abyss when he is confronted by something he had not anticipated, revealing a possible new direction.

A simple everyman story with an unusual twist.

This film is presently being submitted for review at various festivals around the world. Check back for more information and list of possible venues.

Produced by: Martín Brassesco and Milo de Prieto
Directed by: Milo de Prieto
Script: Martín Brassesco
Director of Photography: Luis Sisinno
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Urbina
Cast: Martín Brassesco, Molly Malcolm
Camera: Massimo Perego
Original Music: Toby Martin
“Let It Go” by: Nana Cadavieco.
Makeup: Maga Rincones
Photography by: Andrés Rodríguez
Shot on location at: Hotel Brummell
Special Thanks to: Hotel Brummell, Christian Schallert, Alfredo Alonso, Toby Kenyon, Karlos Antigua, Alma, Nana Cadavieco, Jaime Pagés